Here are some resources and links:

LMS Transition Roadshow Handout:

WebCT - Blackboard Comparisons:

Understanding the Change from WebCT 4 to Blackboard Learn:

Moodle - Blackboard Comparisons:

Blackboard & Moodle - working together:

Migrating from Moodle to Blackboard:

Migrating to Blackboard at PolyU:

Compatibility Issues - Browsers for Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 6

Service Pack 8 - a quick intro

Complete listing of new features in SP8

Service Pack 10 - November 2012

Feature Showcase
An easier to navigate overview of the new features that the links in the email below

Overview of enhancements for Teaching and Learning

Communications and Adoption Toolkit
Provides default templates for marketing, ideas re a communication plan

Exemplary courses in Blackboard

Examples of Blackboard courses:

Interface Design in Blackboard

Blackboard Support Websites: